Preschool at Pathways Preschool


Our preschoolers learn through exploration, discover and play; progressing from solitary and parallel play to cooperative play.  The curriculum includes directed and non-directed activities.


Language Arts:  With their future literacy in mind, they are challenged at the appropriate developemental level through a multi-sensory approach to learning.  The children are encouraged to speak, listen, comprehend, follow directions and develop longer attention spans.  Stories, poetry and related activitues are used to enhance vocabulary and expressive language skills and to introduce print awareness.  Fine and gross motor skills are developed as precursors to writing.


Mathematics:  Math is integral to the total preschool program.  Math experiences are often informal, occurring incidentally during the school day.  Games, toys and other manipulative materials are provided with a conscious attention to the way young children learn.  Teachers also provide planned experiences that foster the development of math concepts such as spatial relations, shapes, patterns, counting, numbers and measurement.


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