Early Education at Pathways Preschool


The Pre-K curriculum is taught through a multi-sensory approach.  It allows each child to learn to use his/hers strengths, as well as benefit from opportunities to practice and improve. Cognitive abilities develop as the children progress from concrete experiences to abstract thinking.  The most important goal is to nurture the development of a positive self-concept in a challanging and motivation environment.


Language Arts:  Students will practice speaking and listening skills, writing readiness and reading readiness.  The children are helped to follow multi-step directions, comprehend oral stories, and participate in group discussions.  Vocabulary development and introduction to phonological and phonemic awareness are important aspects of the program.  Activities which develop both gross and fine motor skills prepare the way for letter and word formation.


Mathematics:  Many math experiences offer naturally during the course of the day.  The children manipulate objects and shapes as they learn geometry, classification and patterns. Classifying, sequencing, patterning and prediciting are important to the development of logical thought.  Number awareness is promoted in planned activities in which the children count, measure, practice one-to-one correspondence and begin to recognize numerals.


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